"I would like you to meet my husband, Seeley Booth."

BONES: David Boreanaz Offers a Little Tease About Booth’s Mental State in Season 10 


When BONES returns this fall, fans will see Booth — who will be four months into his imprisonment when the premiere opens — in a very, very vulnerable place. “I would consider him being at a very high level of post-traumatic stress disorder,” BONES star David Boreanaz (Booth) teased. And while Booth has suffered from PTSD in the past, being locked up during this go-round will add an extra layer of complications. “[He’s] very much unaware of his surroundings,” Boreanaz shared. “And yet very much driven to take care of things in his own way.”

Happy to see your girl Booth?


Question: Do you have any scoop on Bones‘ Booth and Brennan? —Amelia
Ausiello: The premiere picks up four months after the happy couple’s house got destroyed in a hail of gunfire (an incident that landed Booth in the hospital and in handcuffs). “For practical reasons that you’ll see, it has a very big effect on their marriage,” exec producer Jonathan Collier says of the FBI quagmire. “Booth has to deal with the legal consequences of where they ended up.” On the topic of B&B giving Christine a younger brother or sister, fellow EP Stephen Nathan would only confirm that “the Bones world will be expanding” in Season 10. Might a different pair find themselves with child? “That’s possible,” he teases. “Families grow. People have children.”



How is Booth dealing with being in jail when Bones returns? — Jeremy
Not great! “He’s wounded. He’s a man of much anger and he is fueled to find out who did this to his family,” David Boreanaz says. “I wouldn’t want to get in his way right now.” As a result, his eventual reunion with Brennan may not be as happy as you might think. “It’s going to take a lot from Brennan to get him back,” Boreanaz says, noting that Booth will once again suffer from PTSD.



Do you have solid plans for episode 200?
SN: Yes.

Can you tease it?
SN: No. That one is going to — we’re still figuring out what we want that to be…I think [BONES creator] Hart [Hanson] and I will be writing that one.

Will it involve bringing back familiar faces?
SN: No. It won’t be in any way a flashback at all to the history of the show, to other cases, or anything. It’s going to be…just a totally unique episode, that will be some sort of odd punctuation to the 200 [episodes] we’ve been on.
JC: Probably directed by David Boreanaz (Booth).
SN: Yeah, David, I’m sure, will direct it.



B&B: You Are My Home

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Bones, you are the standard.



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